duplicate facebook usernames, I think

I’m confused, and if any of you have any answers I’m all ears. I appear to have two usernames in my facebook account. When I type in http://www.facebook.com/yarndog I get my regular facebook account with everything on it. However, it appears I also have another account or at least a duplicate username because I can type in http://www.facebook.com/timyearneau and I get another facebook page that apparently belongs to me too, but this one has nothing in it. I do have a facebook page, which I can get to by typing in http://www.facebook.com/mrybarbeque.

My issues is the duplicate usernames, yarndog and timyearneau. I want my username to be timyearneau and I don’t know why I have two usernames, both of which are powered by the same login information. It appears that facebook.com/timyearneau is another separate account or a duplicate or something. I actually want to dump the facebook.com/yarndog username and only operate under facebook.com/yarndog username, but all of my stuff is under yarndog and I am unable to change that username to timyearneau because facebook.com/timyearneau already exists, which is under me, but there is nothing in it. Does any of this make sense? I didn’t think so, but if you had a similar problem, and know what I’m blabbering about, and most importantly, you have a solution … I want to hear from you!

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