More, there is more?

I’ve recently released the ebook for my travelogue, Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down the Barbeque Trail. When I’m asked what the book is about I can best answer that by saying that it is a travelogue with a barbeque kick to it. A lot of co-workers at the school I work at are barbeque fiends. They eat barbeque, make barbeque breath barbeque, and live to brag about it.

All school year long I had listened to them tell tall tales of their favorite barbeque place this and their favorite barbeque place that. I finally had heard enough and decided to settle the question. I warned them. I surely did. It wasn’t an idle threat. I up and went on a BBQ tour of the Midwest. All along my path things started happening, curveballs if you will. Then I organized a Ribfest at school.

But soon I took to traveling again. More things happened. More curveballs. The Fever happened. And then I traveled again. And more curveballs. And then I traveled again. And before you know it I’m writing about all of it. What started out as something modest has ballooned into something far beyond modest.

An editor I worked with said something to the effect of, “Tim, nobody knows who you are. Perhaps you should break your book up into smaller pieces.” I followed her advice. Thus, a travelogue trilogy, and Curveballs is the first one. Don’t worry, the paperback version is coming real soon. You’ll be the first to know.

I’ve already edited and formatted the other two pieces (how exciting!) for ebook format. I’m now working on the covers. And after that, the paperback versions.

But wait, there’s more! (where does that sound familiar?) I’ve just been to Florida: Orlando, Disney World, Clearwater Beach, the ocean, and of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to try a little barbeque down there. THUS, a trilogy+one is born. The math is funny on that, I know.

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