The Proof is in the …

I was going to say pudding. But in this case the proof is in the book. Yeah, I have my proof copy of the paperback for my book CURVEBALLS: Sweet & Smokey Down the Barbeque Trail in my hands as we speak. Naturally I’ve gone through it looking for errors like missing periods and missing quotes. I found a few of those, although I find it amazing that I’ve had like three different editors pour over it and I’ve poured over it a million times and I’ve still found those. I know the editor in me is on vacation, but still I couldn’t resist and I’ve done some wordsmithing. Nothing big or dramatic but now that I’ve let the book sit a while I can see it with fresh eyes, I see things I didn’t see before, and before you know it, I’ve made that rough and tumble prose smooth.

I’ve finished pouring through it on my own and I have a couple of others pouring through it. Never hurts to have another set of eyes. Then I’ll be able to resubmit to CreateSpace, get another proof, pour over that, and finally, finally out for sale it goes. And I can order my own stash to sell. Most people I know personally want a signed paperback version. One person had even purchased the ebook version, but as she said, “There’s something about holding it in your hands.”

I’m the same way. I’m on a computer enough and when I read a book I don’t want to look at another computer screen. I want the hard copy version, something I can hold and touch. I want to be able to slap it in my backpack and when the time comes, wherever I may be, I want to put it out and flip through the pages. It doesn’t bug my eyes and it’s an experience I can’t replicate on a Kindle or some other reading device. I know they are convenient and I can store hundreds of books and pull one up at random, but my hands gotta touch those pages. Simple as that.

I know someone who at first resisted going to ebooks, for the same reasons I have. But then he gave in. The convenience, the lightweight of the device, the fact he’s got hundreds of books at his fingertips. I understand, but I’m not there yet and don’t plan on anytime soon. I’ll pay the extra cost for the hardcopy. I’ll slap it in my backpack and carry the extra weight. I’ll let the wind blow the pages a random while sitting on a park bench. Hey, thanks for listening.

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