I keep plugging along

I’m continuing to proof the paperback version of my book so I can resubmit it to CreateSpace and get another updated proof. I’m waiting for the reviewers to come back with any errors. I won’t lie, I’m chomping on the bit over this and want to get it going.

When I do the math, it took me 2 years to write Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down the Barbeque Trail, which is the first in my travelogue trilogy. Then it took me a year to write the 2nd one, which I’m tentatively calling Peaches, and another year to write the 3rd in the trilogy. In total it’s taken me 4 years of effort, and I’ve just started my trilogy+One.

I mention all this match because Mark Dawson, the #1 Bestselling self-published author, wrote 1 million words in terms of his books in 2014. that’s amazing. All told my travelogue trilogy comprises approximately 167,000 words, and it took me 4 years to write and edit that. He wrote the equivalent of 6 of my trilogies in the space of a year. And currently when he writes books he does so in either a 3-4 month time frame or a 6-7 month time frame. Mine blowing.

I want to do a similar time frame for my trilogy+One. So far I’m at 35,000 works for my nanowrimo version draft, which is my first attempt at a draft and I just plow forward and get the words on “paper” without regard to editing. That comes later. If I keep up the pace I can probably finish that in approximately 3 weeks. The editing is what takes all the time. I usually let my nanowrimo version sit on the shelf for a while, pull it out, then rework it for my first draft. Sometimes I hand this to a reviewer, sometimes I do another draft of my draft before the hand off.

I let the reviewers mark the draft up and get it back and incorporate their edits. Then I let it sit for a while. Then I rework the whole thing. Then I might give it to a reviewer again, then rework. Then I let it sit for a while. then I edit again like mad. I keep up this process until I’m happy. Then I bring in the editor(s). That’s a whole ‘nutha story. So as you can see editing is a long involved process and chews up the clock. Which makes what Mark Dawson does that much more amazing.

From reading his posts he has really worked to speed up the writing and editing process to get those books out there much quicker. I’d like to follow his example to a degree. I find spending so much time writing and editing these books puts a crimp on advancing my day job, which can be a pro or con depending on one’s point of view. But the point is that writing and editing is a lot of work with no promise of a reward. But we do it anyway because we have something to say doggonit.

Well, I guess I’ve spewed a stream of consciousness long enough, so, thanks for listening!

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