Geez, so many numbers

I recently had a physical and since I hadn’t had one in like 8-10 years I had apprehensions. Lately I’ve been getting a kick in the butt by the doctor since I was overweight and borderline high blood pressure. I vowed to myself, and her, I would do better. And I have. I’ve lost around 20 pounds, eaten better, and lowered my blood pressure.

“You look so thin,” is the most common comment I get. I can’t tell when I look in the mirror because I’m not the person making the comment. But I appreciate the flattery. “How did you lose the weight?” is the other common question.

How I lost the first 10 pounds differs in how I lost the second 10 pounds. In the case of the first 10 pounds I did the Circuit at the gym a couple times a week, walked more, played ping pong, and ate better, meaning oatmeal in the morning and more salads while at the same time portion control for the not so good stuff.

As for losing the second 10 pounds that can be attributed to the Elimination Diet. I have insomnia and I’m trying different things to see if I can get at the root cause of it. So I tried the Elimination Diet. It’s a diet that allows me to find out if I’m sensitive to certain foods, as food sensitivities can lead to insomnia and sinus infections, which I get with unbearable frequency.

The guts of the Elimination Diet is to eliminate wheat, soy, and dairy. But a byproduct of it is that I lost those second 10 pounds. In a nutshell, the Elimination Diet borders on a diabetic diet, meaning it centers around fruits and salads and oatmeal and whole grains and all the good stuff.

It also proves, at least to me, that what we eat is a major player in our weight and health. Something we all know, but don’t always intrinsically believe or do. So let’s get to the numbers.

There are 48 measurements they did on my blood. Some I can understand like sodium, potassium, white blood count, red blood count, etc. But others, my goodness, I have no idea what they mean. Things like Anion Gap, Absolute Neutrophils, Eosinophils … in fact, there’s a whole bunch of measurements in there that end in PHILS. I’m not going to look up what those mean, I’ll just accept my numbers are good.

I’m particularly proud of my cholesterol reading. The last time I had a physical my cholesterol ratio, which is LDL/HDL, was something like 200/55=3.63. This time it was 96/51=1.88. Yipee! And now there is a new measurement; HDL/cholesterol. You just subtract the HDL number from total cholesterol count. In my case it would be 162-51=111. Super!

One question I get is “how did you lower your cholesterol?” I don’t have the magic bullet for that. I believe exercise helps and I have stepped that up by doing the Circuit at the club consistently, playing ping pong consistently, and walking more often with consistency, all the while mixing in some biking during the warmer months. Get my drift?

But I also eat a lot of apples, which I know has an enzyme that eats away at cholesterol. And I put ground up flax seed in my oatmeal, which I eat every morning. I learned from a co-worker that flax seed eats away cholesterol, and it is a great source of Omega-3, which is a heart’s best friend. I learned about the benefits of Omega-3 from a guy at the store where I bought the flax seed. He had heart disease and had all sort of operations. He did nothing but rave about flax seed and Omega-3. Those are the only answers I can give, for while lately I’ve been eating great, that hasn’t always the case. I can only conclude that diet has a lot to do with all of this.

I’m very proud, extremely proud, unbelievably proud, annoyingly proud of my glucose measurement of 91. That puts me right in the range of where my blood sugar should be. You see, diabetes runs in my family, and I’ve been measured before, and this confirms again I don’t have it. If I had diabetes it would mean my blood sugar is high and out of control. But I don’t have it. However, I have been diagnosed before with mild hypoglycemia. That means my blood sugar was low. That’s not good either. So I’m not high or low, I’m right where I should be. I’ll take it and be glad.

I’m going to finish with the idea that I’m grateful for my numbers. The were excellent and right on the money. I didn’t expect this, but I am thankful for the results. I need to keep doing what I’m doing. And to all who mocked ping pong as a legitimate form of exercise, I would suggest you look at my numbers and reconsider. It’s worked for me. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m grateful for my doctor kicking my butt!! So be kind to your doctor today.

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