Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down the Barbeque Trail

… is now available in Paperback form on So for all you “old” school readers like me, who love the touch and feel of real paper, here it is.

I haven not given in to the Kindle craze. I’m on a computer enough as it is and I don’t want to be on it more than I have to. A Kindle is another word for computer. I simply like the being able to hop under a tree on a bright sunny day, unzip my backpack, and pull out that paperback. Oh, the calm and serenity it brings. I can flip through the pages, I can mark it, I can bend them. The experience can’t be beat.

Oh, I know I won’t be able to shove 300 books in my backpack like I can a Kindle or other electronic book reader, but I don’t care. I only read one book at a time anyways! And I love seeing those book exchanges that crop up everywhere from a Youth Hostel in Australia to the book box down the block. I can stop, unzip my back pack, take out my book, open the box, place it in, and grab another one, ready for another mind satiating adventure.

Those are the things I live for. Lying in bed, the light is on, I reach up and grab my book from the table, slap it on the bed, open it to the book mark, and start reading under the warm glow of the light. Now that’s living!

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