wait for it – RELEASED into the wild

My sister told me about this book site called Book Crossing In it I can register my book, get a BCID code, attach a label with the BCID code to the book, release it in the “wild” and track where it’s been. Fun! I’ve got the labels printed and slapped on some of my books. Some books are ARC versions, while others are not. I’m shipping a couple to England where  Debbie Young, author and book reviewer, has been kind enough to accept a couple copies of my book where she’ll place one in a Little Free Library other there in England and give one to a friend of hers. I’m curious about the path these two books will take. I’m crossing my fingers that whoever reads them will log into Book Crossing and tell the world where they found it.

As a way to promote my book I’ve been leaving ARC copies in Little Free Libraries here in Minneapolis for a while now, and I’ll be plopping more in those boxes with BCID code on them to track them. It’s true. Curiosity is killing the cat.

I plan on plopping a few more into other locations here in Minneapolis. I don’t know where yet, but it you go to Book Crossing I’ll leave clues. What fun!

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