read like jagger, part 2

Well, I did it. I’m going for the dream. From my previous blog post you know my dream is for Mick Jagger to be walking by that Little Free Library over in England that holds my book, pick it up, read it, love it, and tell the world at his concerts.

I told this dream in jest to my co-workers, most of who chuckled. But one, Ms. Burns said, “Why don’t you mail him a copy of your book directly? You never know.”

I thought about this and it made sense. “You know,” I told her, “I will!” Maybe Mick and the boys love BBQ more than I can imagine. “If this works I’m going to name this after you. I’ll call it the Burns Effect.”

Ms. Burns smiled, “Yeah, you do that!”

Well, today, I took care of business. I hopped on over to the post office at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and mailed 2 copies to The Rolling Stones over there in England. I found their fan address right off the internet. To be precise it’s:

The Rolling Stones
LD Communications
2nd Floor
Sutherland House
5-6 Argyll Street
London, W!F 7TE

“Stranger things have happened,” said the postal worker who processed my package when I told him of my dream and my plan.

“Here, let me shake your hand,” I told him, gripping his hand and giving it a big shake. “This way, if my dream comes true and I become rich and famous from this, you can say you shook my hand.” He grinned a big postal grin. This is so fun, I thought. Oh please Mick, like my book.

So Mick, if you are reading this, you now will have 2 ways to read my book. You can walk by that Little Free Library where my book is sitting and grab it (and I’ll post where that Little Free Library is located right here) or you can wait and get your copy from your fan club processor, LD Communications. Either way, you win! And I can’t wait to see what you think. Hey Mick, thanks in advance!

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