Author Debbie Young

Not too long ago I traded messages with author Debbie Young, who lives on the other side of the Atlantic. Before you can eat a double scoop of chocolate ice cream my book, Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down The Barbeque Trail, is sitting in a Little Free Library right outside her house in Cloucestershire, England. Let me tell you a little bit about how this came to be and of course, I’m want to tell you a little bit about Debbie Young herself.

I came across Debbie Young kind of by accident. I was surfing the net, but okay, I don’t really remember exactly what I was surfing the net for. My guess, knowing me, is that I was surfing something related to books or book reviewers or book festivals or book blogs or something or something or something. Yes, that’s it, it must have been related to books.

I came across her website, Author Debbie Young, and started. Mind you, in the deep recesses of my mind I’ve got this subconscious idea that somehow, someway I’m going to get a copy of my book into the hands of Mick Jagger. I’d just gone to their concert at TCF Stadium in Minneapolis as part of their Zip Code Tour. That idea start small, but with a little encouragement from my friends, I slowly devised ways to make that happen.

This is where Debbie comes in because simultaneously I had been ruminating about getting reviewers to review my book. And now I must divert on a tangent and and tell you more about Debbie.


She’s written 13 books, has a book blog (which has a boatload of followers), reviews books, gives advice for authors, runs a self-publishing imprint – and get this – founded her own festival. The woman is busy. As I perused her website I salivated. Oooohhhh, I thought, if I could get her to review my book!

Now, you might be wondering, what’s her festival all about? Okay. Here it is:

Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival

a Celebration of Books and Reading:


The Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival is a free public event celebrating books and reading. Founded in 2015 by local author Debbie Young, it is now a permanent fixture in the Cotswolds’ cultural calendar on the closest Saturday to World Book Night  the global celebration of books and reading that is focused on readers rather than authors.


The April Festival is in the beautiful Cotswold village of Hawkesbury Upton (no surprises there), on the Cotswold Way, on the southern border of Gloucestershire. For the main event, our venues are The Fox Inn on the High Street and the Methodist Hall and Chapel in Back Street.  The venues for other events will be announced as we go.

While the main event is in April, there is a Pop-Up Festival in August

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 11.33.12 PM

Okay, back to my Mick Jagger dream. I inquired with Debbie about reviewing my book. Lo and behold, she was swamped and wouldn’t be able to. BUT she would plop my book into the Little Free Library in front of her house. Aha! My other  dream of getting my book on the other side of the Atlantic looked to become a reality.

I dutifully signed a couple copies of my book and off they went, where one copy is now sitting in that Little Free Library, and the other copy … well, I believe it’s somewhere in Britain.

I’m at that point in this post where I want, I need, to tell you about that Little Free Library. There is a whole history there. First, most of you probably haven’t heard of Hawkesbury Upton over there in England (that’s the Fox Inn … mmm, look familiar?).

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.20.32 PMthe-fox-inn2

An easy way to locate that area is to know that it is just down the road from Highgrove, Prince Charle’s country residence. Not too shabby is it?


And finally, Hawkesbury Upton is near to the famous Badminton Estate.

(The Badminton Estate)

The Badminton Estate lies in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside and
is home to the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort.  The House dates from the 17th
century and is set in a beautiful deer park which hosts the world famous Badminton Horse Trials.  The game of Badminton was invented in the house in 1863.


Here is Debbie Young’s actual Little Free Library where now my book, Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down the Barbeque Trail, sits. The exact address is Post Cottage, France Lane, Hawkesbury Upton, Gloucestershire GL9 1AS, England.


Now, as promised, the dirt on her Little Free Library … and more. Enjoy!










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