…brrr, so come to West Side Perk

…bbbrrr it’s cold. So why not head out to West Side Perk Coffee shop in west Bloomington, Minnesota this Sat 12/17 10am-noon for a little warm book signing for my book Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down The Barbeque Trail. Get a copy and a nice hot coffee is on the house. Sample ribs too…oh so warm! Fun stocking stuffer, and Santa knows you’ve been nice. So come, let’s talk, let’s schmooze this Sat about all things travel, bbq, fun, adventure, coffee, anything to experience the warm Christmas spirit this season.

Oh, it’s easy to get there. 169 south to Old Shakopee Road in Bloominton, Minnesota, hang a left or east, go about a mile and look to your left, it’s on a corner strip mall with Dred Scott athletic fields to the right. Bingo! See you there 🙂

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