My Grand Experiment

I follow Dr. K. L. Register(@iamklregister) on Twitter. She’s a Chemist, Dentist, Author. She recently released her book, Everyday Isn’t Perfect.  Part of why I follow her is that she tweets motivational quotes from, I think, her book (don’t quote me on this). And I find them motivating.

That sounds so simple, that I’m motivated by her tweets. But to risk adding complexity, I don’t actively look for her tweets when I pop on Twitter. I notice them at random since I’m following her, and when I read one of her tweets they seem so relevant to me, to my day, to my situation. And I like that.

Not to repeat myself, but she is so very actively tweeting, I think, from her book. I read self-help motivational books frequently, from Joel Osteen to Jeff Kemp to Napoleon Hill to  W. Clement Stone to Rhonda Byrne to Gary Keller to … The point is I find value in these books, for they state things in ways I had never considered before. They keep me motivated when I sometimes get down.

Frequently, book reviewers of this genre state that self-help motivational books just recycle the same message. My point is that while, true,  there may be common themes that run through many self-help motivational books, the fact is for me it isn’t always what they say, but how they say it.

I might read a message a 1000 times, but it’s that 1001 times where it hits like a ton of bricks, simply because the author stated it in a way that registers. Which brings me back to Dr. K. L. Register(@iamklregister). When I scan tweets on my Twitter account and come across one of her quotes, it reaches me because it strikes me in a way that I’m open to, and registers with me, no pun intended.

And her approach to promoting her book works. At least she’s got my attention. Okay…wait a second or two will you please…I’m back, thanks for waiting. I just ordered her book. See, her approach works. I’m looking forward to letting her motivate me.

And one of the issues I’m working on is to promote my own books. In the last year I came out with, Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down The Barbeque Trail, which is the 1st installment in my barbeque themed travelogue trilogy. Remember, it’s the journey more than the destination. Anyways, this year, I’m aiming to release the 2nd as yet unnamed installment in the trilogy.

So I got the brilliant idea, why not tweet tidbits from my 2nd trilogy, just like she tweets tidbits from her book. She’s good at it. And why not learn from the best? I’m intrigued. I’m fascinated. My curiosity is running amok. So, as an experiment, over the course of the upcoming weeks or even months, I’m going to be tweeting tidbits, quotes if you will, from my 2nd trilogy. I’ve tweeted a few already at @timyearneau.

Will it work? I don’t know, but it’ll be fun trying. So don’t be shy about checking out my Twitter account, @timyearneau, to check for my tweets. You’ll learn more about what my 2nd trilogy is about, perhaps learn some fun facts and history, and together we’ll participate in my Grand Experiment. Oh, and don’t forget to tell your friends. Just for fun, I tweeted the very last paragraph of it. And I’ve recreated it for you right here, right now:

But I’d done my part to make the world a better place. I voted with passion and heart. I helped where I could. I added to the archives of the Mr Y BBQ Tour. I had more material, more footage, and more stories. I’d been privileged to arrive, to experience, to meet, to vote, to create, and to listen. The only thing left to do now is to tell.

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