My 2nd book, when?

Now that I’ve revealed the name of my 2nd nonfiction book, Note To Self: The Story of My Atlanta Scream, Holler, and Stomp, I’ve started the arduous formatting process. Since I self-publish my own books I do everything, and that includes formatting.

The bad news is that it is a precise, painstaking process. The good news is that since I’ve already gone through the process with my first book, Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down The Barbeque Trail, it isn’t as arduous as if I’d never gone through it before.

But here’s the kicker. I’ve edited and proofread my book a bazillion times…and I still find little errors here and there. Arrggghh! But the show must go on. So I’ll continue to format my book until I have it just right, and then go through and proof read it again.

Believe it or not I’ve made good progress. And just the other day the neighbor lady yelled, “When is your book coming out on Amazon?” I couldn’t answer her because I don’t know. I’m supposed to have a precise date to tell everyone, that’s what the big boys do. But I don’t.

My reasons center on all the little things that crop up when self-publishing, and I haven’t even talked to my graphic designer about a cover yet. Yikes! So my plan is to get everything in order, and then and only then will I have an idea about a firm release date. Besides, once I get it ready I gotta tell the world, right?

And so it is.

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