Note to Self: Stream of Consciousness

Yes, this is the title of my new upcoming book. But I get questions on how I got the name, so here goes. My book is a travel memoir that centers around a two week period in Atlanta. I was sent there as a delegate to the world’s largest deliberative democratic body. But so much more happened. I connected the dots when my past bumped into the present. Sports, Civil Rights, barbeque, Southern hospitality, even traffic jams, all collided at the same time. And don’t forget Coca-Cola.

noteToSelfSmallCoverDpurpleI knew when I went there I was going to write a book, so I chugged along my laptop. Every night I typed notes to myself about the people and events of the day. Frequently I would add little notes to myself so I’d remember something I’d want to remember (note to self: blah, blah, blah). Thus the title of my book.

Just this last summer I visited my friend, Lisa Ocone, down in Houston, Texas. She dragged me to a writers group that met at Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas, a northwest subdivision of Houston. At this group I gave each member a copy of the first 7 pages of my book and read those out loud and they each gave me their feedback.

Dan, a lawyer who headed the group, commented, “I’m down with your stream of consciousness writing method.” Well, he seemed to like my style and what he read. That stuck in my mind. So when it came time to create a subtitle this fit the nature of it better than anything I could think of. Thus the subtitle. So there you have it.

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