I’m in the 1%

Self-publishing a book has a lot of moving parts. Writing, editing, formatting, designing, and the list goes on. In my case I’m 99.999% done. Translated, I only have .001% left to do, thus I’m in the 1%. Okay, to be picky I’m within 1%, but who’s counting.

All I have left is for the designer to make a couple of small tweaks to the paperback version book cover and whala, done. I can’t wait. I’ve been going strong since mid August. I’ve edited at multiple coffeeshops. I’ve formatted at a whiskey bar during the US Open tennis. Boy did Nadal look good. And I’ve been going back and forth with the cover designer on cover designs and tweaks in the fall. The Amazon Kindle eBook cover is done. But oh so tiny tweaks remain on the paperback version. So close, so close.

An therefore, I’m proud to be a 1%er. Soon I’ll be a zero.

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