Final Edit

I’m doing a final edit on the 2nd book in my travelogue trilogy. It’s amazing that I still find errors after so many previous edits and so many eyes looking at it. Amazing. BUT, that is part of the process. And I’ll start filming my short little Big Reveal video so I can tell the world the name of this 2nd book. Stay tuned.


I’ve already made a short 1:41 minute video showing you the inner workings of the brainstorming process for the name of the 2nd book in my travelogue trilogy. If you’ve seen the video, click here, you’ll know that this naming business isn’t easy. So much to take in, so much to process, so much to think about, so much to decide.

But alas, I have decided! And I’m going to let you in on it by way of a new video showing The Big Reveal. Yes, fans, I’ll soon post that video so you, and you alone, will know the name of the 2nd book in my travelogue video. Oh, the making of this is a process. Much goes into it. I’m brainstorming ideas for it right now as we speak (really, just me speaking).

I have the general outline, but I need props people. I need a pair of aviator goggles like Dr. Poison wears in Wonder Woman (a fabulous movie, BTW). I think I got the helmet I need, just have to find it somewhere packed in all that crap in the garage. Scarf. Check.

Oh it’s going to be fun! Fun I tell you. So be patient. Don’t panic. I’ll keep you informed. An soon, soon that I’ll post it up on my youTube channel. Stay tuned.


Watch and see my innermost brainstorming processes in my quest for the ultimate title for the 2nd book in my travelogue trilogy. A true blue travel writing journey into the mind of … ME.

It’s Coming

Yes it is. I’m brainstorming ideas for the title of my new book coming out soon, the 2nd in my travelogue trilogy. And I need a title. So I’m doing a little brainstorming, a bouncing around of ideas. I’m not judging yet. I’ve made no decisions. The process must continue.

And to let you in on the fun, I’m creating a little video that lets you in on my process. Oh it will be fun. I’m finishing it off now, and tomorrow, Sunday, May 21st, 2017, I’m releasing it for your very eyes.

You’ll get to see my highs, and my lows. My ideas, all of them. I’m sure you’ll have your opinions. Don’t be shy on sharing them! I need all the help I can get, as you’ll see in my video.

Take Care.

A little brainstorming never hurt anyone

So that’s what I have done, and will be doing…brainstorming! As you probably know by now I don’t have a title yet for the 2nd book in my trilogy. I’m working hard to change that situation. I’ve already held a brainstorming session or two and soon, soon, you’ll see some of the results of that. I’ll keep you posted, stay tuned.

a few thoughts

It’s has been a couple of weeks since I did my Grand Experiment, where I went wild with Twitter Mania, putting excerpts of the 2nd book in my trilogy up on Twitter. I got a very positive response. A lot of tweets and retweets. And the winner of my contest, the person who got the 1st book, Curveballs: Sweet & Smokey Down The Barbeque Trail, lives right across the river from me in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fun.

I appreciate all who tweeted, retweeted, and entered my contest. I had a blast, and for that I thank you. I’m excited to put the 2nd book in my trilogy out here in 2016. I still have to get a title though. I’m starting that process this week.

I’m putting together my brain trust and we’re going to head to a local coffee shop and brainstorm. I noticed something interesting about my 1st book. As the title has the word barbeque in it those who take a quick look at it on Amazon or those whom I tell about it conclude it is a cook book…with recipes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently, someone took a look at my description of it on Amazon and concluded it’s a cookbook. I went to great pains to ensure my description both on Amazon and on the back of the book made no mention of being a cookbook or having recipes. I emphasized that my book is a travelogue, travel writing, the journey, and adventure, in my search for barbeque.

But I think we as humans see the word barbeque in all its forms our brain takes a shortcut and convinces itself it’s a cookbook with recipes. Interesting, this human psychology.

So that presents the challenge in naming the 2nd book in my trilogy. Do I dare mention the word barbeque in it given it follows the 1st book. But like that one, it’s not about any sort of recipes, but about the adventure of my search for barbeque Atlanta, GA. The people, the life, the atmosphere and all that Atlanta encompasses. Tricky business, this naming business, to convey what my 2nd book is about without the psychology of the human brain taking an interpretive shortcut that leads to an erroneous conclusion.

Well, me and my brain trust have some work to do, to brainstorm, to fuss, to experiment, to research until we get that title just the way we want it. And to come up with a description that leads the human brain to the correct interpretation of what it sees.